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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: Day 3

I was waiting to check in until later, but my dinner shake is so deliciouso I headed straight for the keyboard to share after my first sip. 

1C unsweetened almond milk
1C cold water
1 1/2 small oranges off the tree in back
12 small purple grapes
3 ounces baby organic spinach
1 scoop Shape

My original thought was orange chocolate, like christmas on Cinco De Mayo, but this is lighter and fresher and just all together wonderful.

When I filled up my pill dispenser for the week yesterday I added in the Burn capsules so that I am taking them with my All In One and generic allegra in the morning. Today was the trial to make sure those would all go together okay before trying it on a 'work day' and it was just fine. That was about 7am. I had my scoop of Clean about 10:30 when I finally felt hungry. Popped my second Burn about noon thirty, and my drank my lunch Shape at 1pm.

After spending most of the afternoon puttering in the back yard weeding, mowing, and breaking down small volunteer trees I ended up filling up the whole green waste container. When I was finished I had my long hot Sunday afternoon shower around 4pm and realized I was feeling a little bit of a buzz. This is not my first rodeo, so I knew I probably hadn't had enough water given the amount of activity I had engaged in so I immediately downed one of my 20 ounce bottles. I also decided to skip the 3rd Burn capsule of the day even though my brain had settled down a bit after the water.

Now it's 5:40 and I'm sipping away at dinner. One thing I have years of experience at is making green smoothies, so I have lots of ideas about what to mix in with my Shape shakes to keep them fun and not get stuck in a rut. But I must say this orange concoction will bear repeating.

Quick Aside. If I had not been on the Orenda CleanBurnShape program I probably wouldn't even have made it outside. But if I had the title of today's entry would have been something like 'Pincherbug Paradise', I disturbed a nest under a planter that made my skin scrawl seven ways from Sunday - so to say. All in all I am very happy about the dent I made in the back yard today and hopefully the weather will hold so that I can continue working out there after work each day this week to get in my 20 minutes of low-intensity exercise. (I am a believer in natural movement, and know in my heart that the best exercise is not found in a gym. I miss so much my archery - the hicking, the strength it takes to pull the bow, the quiet concentration of a well aimed arrow - big sigh.) Anyway, that is what the plan calls for, low intensity exercise, and even though it was hours instead of minutes it was never strenuous and it felt great to spend so much time on my feet.

Back to my shake; boy can I ramble. But I feel good and that is reflected here.

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