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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: Day 5

I will not sucuumb to temptation. Not from drive throughs, platters or sweet words from an ex. I am on a mission and intend to complete it.

Another Shape day like yesterday, same breakfast and lunch, then had a nice crunchy apple on the way home from work and did NOT listen to the little devil who was trying to find a perch on my shoulder.  I turned the music up (can't find my iPod!) and headed for home. I want to see results, and I will follow the program Orenda has laid out. It's right there in black and white - I only need do one thing, follow the program - and I will do just that. For once in my life (no breaking out into song please, you know someone is listening) I will follow through on a good intention.

So the thing to do right now is to change into walking clothes, find my iPod, load up the new audio book I just purchased with my recently discovered amazon gift card, and be ready to walk with A when she gets home. Two birds with one stone so to say, wear her out and get my 20 minutes of low intensity exercise in for the day.

Still feeling good, still motivated, and pleased at my newfound determination. I wonder if Kaylee would like to walk too, better go ask her.

A and I took a walk after dismantling my bed enough to get help from M to move it away from the wall and rescue my iPod. We stopped to visit two little parks along the way, and I did balance exercises on the cement borders while she and her dolly sped down the slides. Once home I munched on some brocolli R had roasted in the oven then made my dinner shake, adding three medium leaves of lettuce to the mix and using the unsweetened almond milk as I have been doing. It really fills me up. Half a small box of blackberries for dessert and I am done for the day.

I'm liking how simple this is, and taking a break from cooking and dishes and shopping. It's a little mini vacation in a way, having everything planned out for me and not having to put the usual time and energy into planning healthy meals. And I'm supplementing with other foods so little, it is truly paying for itself as a meal replacement program.

I know the way I feel is because of the amazing nutrient punch the program delivers.  Here are the Shape ingredients; how awesome is this! As my DD pointed out, no isolated soy! And delicious too.

Almost time for bed. Another successful plan day completed; I wonder what I will feel like in the morning.

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