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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: Day 2

I've just finished my Shape shake for dinner, and I have cut up cauliflower ready in the fridge if I feel like a snack later. I found myself eating the crust of A's pesto cheese sandwich leftover from her dinner while I cleaned up from slicing watermelon for her dessert - funny how muscle memory and habit can override intention and planning. I don't even remember picking it up. But it was only two small bites and I refuse to beat myself up.

We had a busy day my little granddaughter and I, that included laundry, a lunch date (I had a salad) lots of watering, a nap (A), cleaning the kitchen (me) and working on picking up after the dogs in the back yard (me again) and more watering. I've been puttering all day, and mostly stayed on my feet. While I don't feel wired at all I seem to just keep moving, and I'm guessing it's the little bit of caffeine in the green coffee bean extract that is in the Burn I'm taking three times a day. I even made another little dent in the fiasco that is my room. Oh, and dug up the five foot tall weed that had been thriving by the driveway. I had decided to let it go until it flowered, but finally gave up and tossed it into the green waste this afternoon.

Backtracking to this morning, I mixed my scoop of Clean with 8oz of water and drank it down with my first Burn capsule. I never did get hungry for breakfast, only eating one small bite of A's cantaloupe as I cubed it up for her. I thought I would surprise my daughter by having A's laundry done when they get back from their trip on Sunday, and it was fun picking up A's room and hanging up all of her clean clothes; she can be a super helper when feeling so inclined. The morning breeze was cool enough to open up her shades and window and let in both the fresh air and sunshine while we worked and visited.

The half salad I had at my lunch date with A was spring greens with almonds and a balsamic dressing. Once home about 12:30 I drank my second cup of Clean with my second Burn capsule and I've been on the move ever since. I have four 24oz bottles that I fill up each morning. Once they are all empty I refill one of them and know it's my last of the day's water. I need to research if I am suppose to be taking my Burn before I eat, or with the Clean, or just anytime during the day.

Thinking back to water, I steeped some ginger in hot water this morning to spice up my water bottles. I love it, especially with a little lemon; there is synergy there that results in a blend which doesn't beg for any additional sweetener. Very satisfying too, and good for lowering inflammation.

I took my last Burn capsule about 4:30, same time as yesterday. I'm thinking a little consistency might be a good thing. Then my shake for dinner was about 6pm, an hour ago, and I am feeling full with no desire for anything else.

My back is a little irritated, and I know I need to be careful about not doing too much tomorrow. All in all a successful, if not perfect, day two of the CleanBurnShape program, and tomorrow will be my first Shape day of the ten day Cleanse period. 

Still feeling very positive about the program, and it feels good to be actively working at transforming this poor old body of mine.

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