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Friday, May 10, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: Day 8

There were speckled brown and black cows grazing on the side of a golden hill, the lush green contrast of the low trees lining a riverbed provided a wonderful break in the composition, and the smooth cultured cap of a burgeoning vineyard with packed dirt pathways bleached pale by the sun that cut sharp angles through the grapevines; all this I enjoyed out my window as I drove along this morning in a box of steel on a sweep of asphalt that led the way for me to sit at a desk for a third of my day. Can you see what is wrong in this picture? I can.

I was a good girl this morning, packing my Nutri Bullet to take with me to work and stopping on the way in to buy some baby organic spinach; I was determined to make a green smoothie for lunch using my Shape powder.

This afternoon I was not such a goodie good and when stopping on the way home to pick up almond coconut milk for the weekend I also snagged a small bag of kettle all natural sea salt chips. Yum! But that must be the only lapse until my weigh in Sunday night. I do not want to disappoint myself!

And speaking of me (when am I not?), a pretty girl smiled at me this morning. Nothing invitational or welcoming nor derisive neither, just a beautiful spontaneous smile when our eyes met as we crossed paths in the parking lot of the grocery store. I am usually invisible to pretty girls, their eyes sliding over me like the sun over an ice cube, but today  this one looked at me right in the eye and I received a spark from her, and maybe gave one back in the smile that I returned. Is my health showing? Has my improved attitude sweetened my  normally sour expression? In any event it was just what I needed to have a good day at work, and I accomplished much - enough that I won't have to go in and work this weekend. I mean, I could, there is lots to do, but I cleared all the fires and straightened my desk in preparation of leaving next week. 

And speaking of THAT, have I crowed about my  upcoming vacation? I'm off to the south of California to visit Mom and Dee mouse. The only plans I have are to stay on program (I'll have just started the first 30 day segment after the Cleanse) eating lots of fun healthy plants, walk each day up and down and around the hills she lives amongst, and lay by the pool on Thursday while Mom is away with her hikers. Oh God, I need to try on my suit before packing it tomorrow, yuck. Next Summer will be fun in a new suit a few sizes smaller, but for now - 16's suck! But it will be just me and the water and the sun for that day and they won't mind my bumps and sags. I will simply pretend they are not there and that I am a bathing beauty.

Enough rambling, there are branches to finish breaking up and a green waste container to fill before dark.

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