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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 18/30



There is something bothering me at home that I just can't write about, but the stress is building and the old hand to mouth response was a little overwhelming last night. After my early dinner I was ready to eat again around 7, not surprising since I had missed my 2nd and 3rd Burns yesterday. What a difference. First I had an avocado (thinking a healthy fat would keep me out of the freezer), then a banana with some sunflower seed butter on it(thinking if I were really full I could stay out of the freezer). And finally the coup de grace - a dark chocolate and mint ice cream that the kids had smuggled into the freezer. Maybe I would have been fine it R hadn't told me there was ice cream in the house, maybe not. But it happened.

So the comeback plan is to count last night as an early start to my day off, and I'll be back on plan for dinner tonight. And I will follow the above Every Day guidelines. I think Every Day means exactly that, everyday, and these are just healthy eating guidelines with the burn thrown in anyway. I think I made a mistake skipping these my last days off.

Even after my high calorie splurge last night I am down an even ten pounds this morning, down .8 from yesterday.This loss has been in the last 28 days, less than a month. I remember when I would have been happy to be down 2 pounds in a month! The best part is watching my stomach shrink. This has been a relatively new addition to my frame, gaining weight there, and I am glad glad glad to see it going going going! 28 days - just over a quarter of the 100 days are gone! If I lose 30 pounds during this plan I would be ecstatic! I hadn't thought that far ahead yet....but I am now. Wow...what if.

So I will take it easy today, and I won't go nuts. I'm sure there will be some toasted sourdough in there or maybe some pasta, and perhaps even some cheese. But they will be counted in servings, not binges, and my Burn is already packed in my lunch bag - no more forgetting! Today will be a good day, I can just feel it.

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