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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: Day 7

While perusing the fridge recently my attention was attracted by the beautiful lacey carrot tops in one of the humidity controlled drawers. Normally I buy the 2# bag of carrots that have already had their greens chopped off, but we had carrots delivered in our farm box last week and those come with tops intact. I wondered about adding them to my Shape shake but didn't get around to googling their nutrition until this morning.

This afternoon I was very glad to have done the research, because I had stopped paying attention to what I was doing and I was almost caught up in an avalanche of my own making, and those tops came in super handy. Let me begin at the beginning.

Yesterday for lunch I mixed my Shape with fruit juice (which I can see now was too much sugar) instead of my usual blend of spinach, unsweetened almond milk and a serving of whole fruit which is full of fiber. At the time I didn't think much about it much except for how tasty it was. Then last night I was out of spinach & kale so just mixed up the evening Shape with the almond milk. So that was two shakes in a row without greens. Also yesterday I only had 2 Burn capsules because I forgot at lunch. In a nutshell I hadn't followed the program very well for 24 hours by the time I arrived home this afternoon.

We had planned to use the limb trimmer to remove a large branch from the fruitless pear tree out front after work today, and upon arriving home I changed into my grubbies and got busy. Once the branch was down I was listening to my book and stripping small branches off to fill up the green waste container when it hit - the first low blood sugar incident I have had in a really long time, maybe three or four years. While embarrassed about finding myself in that situation in the first place, at least I reacted well and quickly. Rushing inside I threw a shake together (carrot tops, almond milk, banana, 1/2 an orange, a scoop of TJ's green powder and a scoop of Shape), jammed a straw in and inhaled about a quarter of the cup (A big Baja Fresh cup, you probably have one in your cupboard too.)

I immediately started feeling better, and went to the cupboard to snag a handful of almonds to help stabilize things, then slowly ate them and sipped on my shake while watching A in the bath. (In the middle of me gulping my shake she arrived from playing outside covered in mud since I left her with the hose on and her father for supervision.)

Wanting to make sure I was full of nutrition I made a salad of the spring green mix, green onion, a handful of pepitas, 3 green olives, half an avocado and a little dressing. (I always toss a capful of apple cider vinegar into my lettuce before stirring in a little dressing so it goes farther and the cell walls of the lettuce start breaking down.)

Now it's an hour later, I feel fine, and have had time to reconstruct how I blew it. Bottom line I was paying more attention to what I had to do at work than taking care of myself. The first six days were so easy peasy on the CleanBurnShape program that I had let my guard down. When I ran out of spinach I didn't take time to go get more; one morning I sat playing on the computer instead of planning what would go in my lunch shake so I left the house unprepared; and worst of all I was so tired this afternoon and had such a heavy workload that I had a piece of candy out of the endless bowl at work, my first in over a week.  Now I know why I was tired, and what led up to my crash this afternoon, and how to prevent a reoccurrence. 

Back to what was working.
Make my shakes green and only use whole fruit; set my phone to remind me to take my Burn at noon; have veggies ready to munch on at a moments notice. Very simple guidelines that kept me happy, full & stable for almost a week - let's not fix what wasn't broken. I'll say it again, for the program to work I need only follow it!

One thing I managed to do right was my water. I had quartered an orange this morning and divided it between four 20oz bottles of water and those are all gone. Una mas and I'm done for the day.

I must remember that my health is a priority, that right now following this great program is of paramount importance, and that I am worth the attention it takes to do it right.

Go me.

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