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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: Day 9

I have tried to stay busy all day, puttering around the house here and there, keeping my hands occupied and productive. And while I like to think I am above the pressures of performance, I can't help but think about the weigh in tomorrow and wonder what I will see. I've seen such great results from others following the plan that I worry just a little that I will fall short of my expectations (and theirs), but I'm too afraid to get on the scale to see where I am. Tomorrow will be soon enough and whatever I have achieved in these ten days will be welcome news. Because it's a definite start back on the right path, it's my new beginning.

I've been taking the green coffee bean extract (Burn) with my vitamins in the morning about 7am, then again about 11:30 - a half an hour before lunch- and again at 4:30 in the afternoon. Today was a clean day so it's two servings of Clean and one of Shape. I was suppose to have my shake in the evening but I forgot about it being a Clean day and had it this afternoon. It should be fine, I had a big salad with 'tofu ranch' dressing, pepitas and garbanzo beans for a late lunch and still have a second helping of Cleanse to drink so I know I won't be hungry this evening. I'll be more focused tomorrow, being day ten and all!

My Mom asked me today what was the 'Diet' I was on, and I could in all honesty say I wasn't. That Orenda had come up with a set of vegetarian tools to help me eat the way I wanted to, that they encourage whole foods and that their products are powerful support tools designed for nutrition that will keep me on track. And this is truly what I have found, that if I'm a little blue I'm not reaching for a snack, and if I feel hungry I reach for my water first, and knowing I am getting a belly full of great ingredients every time I drink my Cleanse or down a Burn or mix up some Shape keeps me eating clean and focused on feeling healthy.

I could see a difference in the mirror this morning before I jumped in the shower, my old form  is emerging from under the layers of neglect, and I could feel a difference in the way I moved today.  Instead of plodding along and making myself move one foot after the other as I did during the whole moving period in April, I am actually enjoying walking again, and it's getting easier to bend down when I'm standing and stand up when I'm sitting.

I'm so glad I ordered the CBS program, so glad I am feeling results so soon, and no matter the number I see tomorrow it will be exactly what I have earned, no more or less, and I will be satisfied. Because I am primed and ready to continue eating clean and honouring this body.

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