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Friday, May 3, 2013

Initial reaction

If you are going to start a new eating program the ideal day to begin on is one that is so busy you don't have time to think about it. I was lucky enough to have one of those days.

Both the Clean and the Shape shake taste wonderful; nothing icky or chalky or unpleasant, just good, and it will be easy to continue using them. No flinching involved! I didn't really notice any effects of the Burn supplement, and I am tired this evening so there is not enough caffeine in the green coffee bean extract to wire me - another positive.

I did have two slices of zPizza this afternoon at a working lunch, but I knew ahead of time  of this planned date with my co-workers and I doubt it slowed things down much. They are one of the lighter and healthier versions of pizza around. I only had product for breakfast, lots of filtered water during the day, a can of coconut\aloe water on the way home, and added organic baby spinach to my Shape shake at dinner. Still a much lighter calorie day than usual and a nice segue into the full program I intend to follow to a T the next nine days.

A and I went shopping after work today and I picked up the silken tofu I need to make homemade vegan ranch dressing and a big head of beautiful white cauliflower. Come Sunday A and I can dip and crunch for lunch; she is another cauliflower aficionado and by then the Ranch will have developed it's flavours quite satisfactorily. 

I've given my Mom the heads up that I am bringing supplements with me on my visit in two weeks, and today I explained a little of the plan to my friends at work so they know I will be 'on program' next week.

So I will count day one a successful if not perfect beginning, and I look forward to having the day off of work tomorrow so I can really focus on myself and the program and A.

This tired girl is going to a blanket party!

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