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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: Day 10

Tonight at 9 is my ten day weigh in on the Wii, and today is Mother's Day. So I feel the need to  start the day perfectly clear about what a 'Clean Day' is and what I will be celebrating and how.

For me the why is about taking a moment to show love & respect for the power of birth and everything that results from that moment. Giving birth changed me, I can't imagine how someone would not be, and pausing to give homage to that right of passage is appropriate. Motherhood is a unique experience, and I am grateful for having been blessed with children.

And the how. This morning will be easy; After breaking my fast with 20oz of water I take my first Burn with my vitamins and 1 scoop of clean in 8oz. I've been dissolving the powder in hot water, I hope that's ok - I'll need to check - and if and when I get hungry I'll have an apple.

Afternoon: We are picnicking at the park in Concannon winery, we went there last Mother's Day and it was lovely. We have veggies already prepped to take, small bright yellow, orange & red baby peppers, broccoli, cauliflower & celery - I'll just stay away from the dip. I'm picking up a basket of blackberries to take too. I'll take my 2nd Burn at 11:30 as usual, and pack (2) of my 20 oz water bottles flavoured with ginger and lemon. We are taking a bottle of chilled Prosecco and while I can't imagine not having a small glass, I also can't imagine having any at all! So I'll wait and see how I feel. Maybe just a mouthful to toast. Since I have no idea of what time we are leaving I will either drink my 2nd glass of Clean before we go or mix it up and take it with us to drink there.

Evening: Shape shake blended up with 2oz of baby organic spinach, 1C of unsweetened almond\coconut milk and a handful of frozen cranberries. Then another 20oz of water over the course of the evening. It's great to think you feel hungry when it's only thirst and you can banish that empty feeling with a glass of water. 

If you're counting that's only 80oz of water, but there will be 16oz in my mid-morning tea and another 16oz in my sleepy time tea tonight and another 8oz in my shake - which brings me up to a little over half my body weight in ounces.

Upon writing this down I realize how off track I have been. While the support on facebook is great, not everyone is at the same place in the program and it can be confusing to see recipes posted. I didn't think twice yesterday about the tofu ranch dressing on my salad or the garbanzo beans I put in it. The dressing had oil in it and I don't think I needed the added protein - but at least the beans were allowed. NO PROCESSED FOODS - and oil is highly processed. True, it wasn't much, but it isn't on the ten day cleanse. Rats. My Bad. Speaking of which I did do some dipping last night when R arrived home with leftover crunchies and ranch dip. Broccoli & Ranch - a marriage made in heaven.

All ofthis makes me realize I really need to nail down my schedule while vacationing at Mom's. I'll do that this evening to keep my hands and brain busy while waiting to weigh in.

Back at 9 with the results!

Or 8 because I was making myself crazy. Here are the numbers.

Down 3.7 lbs and five inches from the major places I measured in ten days. Considering I thought I was down 6 lbs two days ago I was a little frustrated when the Wii measured me. But it's all progress and while the results are not stellar they are better than anything I could have achieved on my own. I did eat off program today which I had NOT intended to do, but shift happens. I can't bring myself to post the next set of pictures yet - there are small noticeable differences after scrutinizing them closely; the way my shirt fits, my jawline, a smaller waistline. But it's still not a pretty picture and I just can't go there again. Yet.

So onward and downward in the next 30 day stint. I have a better understanding of the program now and will be more careful about following it. And wouldn't you know it, when pulling the pictures that R took of me off my email this evening, I saw the reminder about my 40 year high school reunion that is coming up in August. And I have an invite up to BC in June - just a month away. Motivation or pressure? Or neither? In any case I'm just going to lean on Orenda and focus on myself for a change - one day at a time just like any other addict.

And now finally at the day's end I can say how bittersweet the day was; being able to spend it with my daughter and her family I know how blessed I truly am, but I was Joey's Mom too, and it hurts he couldn't be here. 

Enough wallowing, on to day 1 of 30 tomorrow and more positive changes.

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