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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 9/30

Sneak peek: down two more pounds, but again the real story is in the inches. Besides the recommended hot spots for measuring, I also have a chart that includes arms and legs and mine are all smaller around - and we're talking inches! After a morning glance in the mirror I had to check because I look smaller! I think the shake is aptly named, for my shape is definitely changing for the better. I may even wear a sleeveless top to work today!

God I love shrinking. Less is definitely better, at least in my particular case.

It was wonderful to get home and find that unconditional love was waiting for me, A and Kaylee came through with flying colours showering me with hugs and kisses. The kids had done some more clearing out and rearranging and it was nice to walk into a living room devoid of boxes and a cleared off dining room table. While at Mom's I played Bananagrams solitaire each day - it's a great way to soothe the savage mind - and now I can once again play at home too. It will be a little more challenging with a four year old determined to help but I will make it work, and we can practice her letters at the same time.

I know I will miss the quiet I found at Mom's, and it was a wonderful getaway, I never thought about work or crunching numbers, but the activity here is good in it's own way, and I will make sure to find some quiet time amidst all the chaos that comes naturally when living with a young family. I think I will try riding my bike this evening and see how that is on my back.

Yesterday's cleanse did not go as expected. I somehow found a chili dog in my hand after stopping halfway home for other urgent matters. I know it's not the end of the world, and I thought about switching days and counting it as my 'OFF' day, but instead I am going to do a 2nd cleanse day - a real one this time - and just move forward. It's not a horrible thing being human, you just need to work with it!

So it's back to office today, and it will be good to see my extended family. I will need to be careful about getting in some standing time, maybe a walk at lunch. I think that will be what I miss most about vacation - being able to putter in Mom's yard on and off all day was not only fun and relaxing, but it kept me up and moving as opposed to sitting at a desk on and off for 8 hours.

For my real 'OFF' day on Thursday I am going to plan a healthy menu with a little decadence thrown in. I have a couple of days to think about what would really satisfy me mind and body and not surprisingly a flour tortilla keeps jumping to the top of the short list :)

Time to get this smaller, healthier, tanned version of me ready for the J.O.B.

Life is good.

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