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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 6/30

Last night Mom and I shared a perfectly ripe avocado, each sprinkling our half with a little salt, as we sat watching TV. I have been sticking to the 'no food three hours before bedtime' rule and given my usual bedtime of 9pm I probably shouldn't have been snacking at 7, but as it turned out I was up until ten. I'm still not sure if I should even be eating avocados yet, probably not strictly speaking. And apparently food is still my go to for comfort. (It sucks not having a cuddle-bug with me on my trip.) So I will focus on the positives; I went to bed on an empty stomach so my Immune system had free reign to work on whatever needed attention during the night when our systems are down for maintenance, the late snack was a healthy fat, and I made it through another day without anything, boxed, canned or purchased at a drive through window.

The back patio here at Mom's is looking spiffy. D & I worked together on Wednesday potting and arranging the impatiens, Thursday I hosed off rock collections and cleared away all the yellow dead leaves spilling out of most of the potted plants (working on the garlic was best - beautiful purple flower and a lovely fresh smell), and yesterday I emptied out a hundred (okay, it may be that I'm exaggerating - a little) plastic containers in varying sizes that once housed new plants but were now full of dead pine needles that had been collecting for years on end. So one more corner cleaned out. Today I have two more rock collections to rinse off, a fern to trim, and a rose bush to dead head. It's great to have something to keep me on my feet, and using the natural motions of healthy exercise (walking, reaching & squatting) to occupy my time each day. 

This is also motivating me to start working on my own back yard. I've been avoiding that for a long time, there were just too many painful memories back there. But I think I have grown past that, and have been remembering more with less pain, and with the kids there now it's definitely time. And A needs a fun safe place to play!

Today is another Burn day. I think the only place I'm falling short is remembering to take my 3 Burns each day. When I'm at work I have a set schedule, taking my midday Burn at 11:30 just before lunch and my 3rd of the day at 4:00 when I am leaving to drive home. But here I lose track of time, and either forget the 2nd or 3rd Burn. I imagine if I had remembered yesterday to take all three I wouldn't have been wanting that 7pm snack so I am determined to figure out how to set reminders on my phone so I remember all three today. Morning is easy, as it is in with my vitamins and I never forget my All In One! It's just the other two that need my attention.

Speaking of other Orenda products, I wish Mom would start taking them. She has aged so much recently and I can't help but think how different her life would be right now had she not put up such a big stubborn wall when I started ten years ago. But I tried talking to her about it again the other day and the wall is not only still there but thicker than ever. I look at how other's Mothers are doing on product and it makes me jealous and sad all at the same time.  Let it go Vail, just let it go.

Time to go feed my new friend the blue jay, and sit with tea on the patio to greet the day.

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