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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape:17/30 continued

I panicked just a bit when realizing I had left my Burn at home today. Around 2:30 I had a half decaf half hot water for a small boost; I know it was just a little caffeine without the benefits of the Burn, but I was using it as an excuse to splurge.

Another drive home from work and another small battle won. This time as I was walking through the courtyard outside my office on the way to the car and began the litany of what I wasn't going to do I did an about face. I thought, this is the time to just decide I am getting home safe to make something healthy, before I ever get in the car. So I did.

Now I am sitting replete, filled up on a wonderful concoction of salad and beans. 

Preface: I had made bean soup last weekend, and as usual saved part of the batch to blend up into refried beans. All that means is that after blending the beans I set them over a low heat to stir occasionally until enough moisture had evaporated and the remaining consistency was a thick, rich, concentrated deliciousness.

Dinner: First I made a dressing with some of the leftover juice from a can of black olives, and blended it with a splash of red wine vinegar and another of leftover oil from a jar of marinated artichoke hearts, a handful of roasted pepitas, and a few big spoonfuls of silken tofu. It was missing something so I added in a few shakes of Mrs. Dash - chipotle lime or something - and took it for another spin. Yum! Now I'm thinking Taco Salad and added chopped tomatoes and red onion to the salad, and added about half a cup of my aforementioned bean mixture to blend with the dressing and heat in the microwave. Poured over my salad it was a hot mess, but very good and filling. I have now discovered a healthy bean dip and will keep this recipe to make another day when roasted corn tortillas can be on the menu.

Take that all you crappy drive through temptations!

There is something to be said for having ingredients on hand to work when you want to eat and it needs to be now and you won't settle for a drive through option. We deserve better, we deserve nutrition, be it fast or slow in coming.

Now to the yard to get in some more steps - I had two walks today, one short one 30 minutes - but I still want to keep busy and I still want a pretty back yard.

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