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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 14/30

Man makes plans so God can laugh.

This is the weekend the new brick patio is being laid between our driveway and our neighbors.  We each have a long driveway leading up to our respective garages, and a strip of about four feet that runs between them. Originally filled with variegated gravel and tan bark, eventually both weathered away and many years ago sod was laid. We won't talk about the trees, they are done. The newest neighbors realized that if we bricked in the top part we would each be able to park cars side by side at the top of the driveway and step out onto a dry solid surface instead of wet soggy grass. So the project was developed. 

I knew because of my back I wouldn't be able to help, so I purchased the bricks with the idea that he would do most of the labour. Which he is, bless his heart. But being the little worker bee that I am I have to help - and my back is pinching something fierce. I will say it was fun when at twilight there were five of us working as a team to beat the dark, and all the bricks were laid and ready for the tampering and sand this morning.

So that is all that is going to be getting done this weekend. Bricks. And eating right. Mostly. Because while it is only noon and I am taking a break to jot this down, I can aleady hear a glass of wine calling me. And an ice pack. And then the hot tub. And a couple of  Tylenol PM and an early bedtime.

At least I am up and burning fat - speaking of which I need my midday Burn, then back to the red dust and sand that will later today be a brick patio.

I'm almost halfway through the first 30 day trek of the CBS plan and I can honestly say I feel better overall;  more energy, looser clothes, and eating more plants each day than I have for the past six months. All good things on the road to better health.

Yay, we're done! And R reminded me my back felt better when we were doing all the moving, so I went ahead and dug up around the roses so I could deep water them and feed them. And she was right, doing the bigger muscle movements took the kink out of my back. Maybe now I can skip the wine tonight. 

I can see the chairs and drinks now on this beautiful little patio come warm summer twilights. C (big strong neighbor guy) did most of the work and is out there power washing as I type, but I feel good about the work I did helping. A day well spent!

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