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Friday, May 24, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 12/30

It's Friday, the beginning of a long weekend, and I just can't feel guilty about the glass of Zin that is my keyboard companion at the moment. It's rich and jammy and smooth with a tart finish...a delicious way to finish the week, and I am definitely celebrating that this week is over! While I didn't come home from vacation exhausted, it was hard being back at work and the mental exhaustion was challenging.

Yesterday was fun, for my Off Day we went to iHop for dinner and I had two eggs over easy, buttery crisp sourdough toast and two luscious strips of bacon. I saved the hashbrowns for last and after two bites put down my fork and called it a day. I was stuffed. This morning I was anxious to get back on plan, and packed up fruit and veggies to eat at work. R is currently in the kitchen getting ready to roast veggies for dinner, and while they have chicken with theirs I'll have beans for my lean protein.

I must confess I came home starving. I had skipped my afternoon Burn on purpose because I was to stop by Kaiser and have my blood pressure tested, but after waiting 20 minutes I told them I had to get home. By the time I arrived here I was all of a sudden starving and smashed up a ripe avocado and grabbed some left overs from A's nachos the other night and did something I haven't done in quite a while - stood in the kitchen eating!

I feel so great when I use the products right, I am determined that this is the last day of screwing up. I will take better care of myself and put my needs first. I will. I wonder why that is so hard sometimes when the rewards are so great.

Anyway, I have a date in the hot tub with a four year old later this evening to finish off the week on a high note, and then a long honey-do list to take care of over the long weekend- taxes being first on the list! Then my room needs some dire attention. I have a new Nevada Barr book on my shuffle to keep me motivated and plan to spend most of the weekend on my feet. And maybe a bike ride since the weather has cooled off and it looks like 70's instead of 90's. 

I stopped for groceries on the way home and will roast off some veggies for salsa to add to my bean soup. I hope it comes out as delicious as the ones I made at Mom's last week. This is an old habit now, making a big pot of veggie bean soup over the weekend, and now I will have a lean protein ready for dinners all next week.

I am so enjoying the way this wine is tasting better with every mouthful. I had better go cork the bottle now so that I am not tempted to have a second glass. It's a Lodi Zin from H and I can't help but wish he were the one here to share the wine with... and the hot tub; after being apart for almost two months certainly we would find something to ... talk about. And I shouldn't be drinking. 

Change your thoughts and change your life.

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