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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Orenda CleanBurnShape: 11/30

Yesterday went well up until about 9pm. I wasn't the only one home late from work and it was 7:30 before I made a shake for dinner; having had left over veggies for lunch and raw veggies to snack on about 3 I wasn't really hungry until then anyway. Everything was fine until the SIL brought dinner home for the girls and A was having 'chip tacos', better known to the world as Nachos. OMG. Right there next to me on the couch. And the darling girl wanted to share. One chip led to about ten - right before bedtime too - but this morning I am telling myself I just started my 'Off' day a little early. My instructions for today are to just not go crazy. As usual my intentions are good.

I've been thinking about making a top five list of favorite foods I would like to splurge on so I am ready to have a mostly healthy day with one meal something I would really love to have but normally wouldn't. And while I haven't actually made the list I think it comes down to buttered toast and eggs over easy, and we are planning a trip to iHop for dinner tonight. That way I can have my sourdough without bringing a loaf of bread into the house. Another of Dr. Fuhrman's guidelines that has helped me is to splurge away from home and keep it clean here.

Although, after being awake since 3 something this morning, driving through for a small decaf sounds really good about now. But that might lead to a sausage muffin and I really don't want to go there. I'm thinking I should just take my Burn a little early so that this particular urge goes away before I leave for work. Sigh, but it is my day off...I don't think I am suppose to take any Burn today. I'll have to confirm that. There are worse things to splurge on than coffee....oh what a slippery slope this could be!

I will focus on how I want to feel tomorrow morning, and what I will be able to write about it here. The walk of shame is not a very appealing picture, I would rather show up in the morning with bragging rights; a feeling of accomplishment to crow about. 

Positive thoughts create positive energy and many good things can and will flow from that simple and powerful idea. I am what I think, and I am thinking that my true healthy athletic self is emerging and I can hardly wait to greet her.

Update: Upon reviewing my schedule I don't have a day off until day 13! God it's hard being me sometimes. All in all I think it would be more prudent to have my day off on a work day anyway, Saturday just sounds too dangerous. I think I will stick to the original plan and keep this my Off day. It's all good.

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