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Thursday, May 2, 2013


Yay, there was a box on  my doorstep when I arrived home as anticipated.

I have the ten day cleanse program and two 30 day programs to get me started. This will be perfect, I will begin in the morning, finish the ten days and start the first 30 day set just before driving south to visit my mom for a week. It will be easy to incorporate the plan with our meals since we usually eat healthy together anyway.

Two people have noticed recently that I am looking a little bit smaller. And I did lose about 7 pounds last month with all the extra moving around. But even with that loss under, or out from under, my belt I dread getting weighed and measured. We are too rushed to do it in the morning, so I will ask R to do it this evening since we are going to do it on the Wii fit. The number is already going to be bad enough so I guess the evening weigh in won't matter much. I'll just be sure to always do it around the same time. And I am supposed to measure at ten, forty and seventy days too, so I'll do that this evening too. Plus take a before picture. I don't have it in me to do the front, back & sides comparison shots. Argh! But then, this reluctance to record my body as it is today is part of the reason I am embarking upon this adventure in the first place so I shouldn't begrudge the details. Should I be successful, I will be glad of the comparison pictures! I'll try.

And as a very positive aside; the more I read about the ingredients the more excited I am about the possibility of this actually working!

Find the angry looking kitty cat that wandered into the picture above. That's Mister, the only male kitten in the litter about a dozen years ago.

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