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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Orenda CleanShahpeBurn: 2/30

Today is a Clean day and a Travel day. Perfect. I can drink my first Clean this morning before I hit the road and pack the second serving premixed and in my cooler along with a bag of baby sweet peppers and cauliflower pre-cut into florets to snack on - and an apple for something sweet. And I have a basket of berries for breakfast as I begin my drive south to see Mom. Driving without Kaylee (wah) it's 4.5 hours door to door and I don't anticipate needing to stop, although I should to stretch out everything. 

Once there it's an easy shake for dinner, and I'll pack greens in the cooler to take so I'm ready to blend up something yummy; Mom is suppose to have apples and oranges on hand and throwing an orange into something chocolate - well, enough said. There were some sunflower greens at the store yesterday and too cute to pass up; I'm hoping they make a good evening snack.

Anyway, I couldn't have planned it better to travel on a Clean day.

When Mom called to see what she should have there for me to eat I said berries, apples and oranges, and salad makings. And D offered to stop at the farmer's market on her way over for our visit Wednesday so I'll send her a list once I get there and see what's on hand. I think they are both tired of me being this big and unhealthy and are being very supportive. Which is great. D is also bringing a gorgeous looking roasted veggie dish with her for lunch on Weds that I'm looking forward to trying.

Food, food, food - one track mind or what!

I anticipate a couple of evenings where there will be a glass of wine, daily walks at various parks around the city, a night out at her favorite mexican restaurant for dinner one evening, and lots of puttering around the house. And...wait for it... IN THE POOL! One of the things I miss is swimming - which is crazy since I live two blocks from our HOA pool and an hour's drive from the beach and half an hour away from the Delta. But I'm just too embarrassed to put on a suit in public, and I'm really looking forward to doing some swimming each day when I'm down there. And even laying in the sun a little bit one day just to have that feeling again of warmth soaking in deep. Just writing that I am back on the dock at Lake Arrowhead, leaning up against the boat cover during Easter break and relishing the heat of the sun as it fights it's way through the chill of the spring breeze coming off the water. I can hear the rustling of the pines overhead and hear the clink of the chains securing the dock to the shore. Thank heavens for memories, may I long have them.

Time to get everything packed up and organized. It's so wonderful to be home and starting the day slow and then off on 'my adventure' as A puts it instead of going to work. I'm going to miss that little stinker and the ration of hugs that both she and Kaylee hand out so generously each day.

Road Trip!

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