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Monday, March 2, 2015

Pre Birthday biking and dining

Back from our first bike ride together, A and I flipped through the California bird book trying to find the duck? heron? goose? that we saw fishing in the pond. I couldn't find anything close. My guess would be a heron, but the bill was wider and neck longer that the typical night heron's we see around here, and shorter than the large white and blue heron's. But no matter what the classification we enjoyed watching them dive until a flock of ducks noticed us and made a beeline across the water in hopes of bread crumbs or worms. We made our getaway, A not wanting to get 'beaked', and by the time we reached home I was tired. Mentally tired from feeling my stomach bump against my thighs as I peddled (ew gross) and physically from the exercise. How can I keep living in this body? Will there ever be a point of determination that lasts for more than a day? But enough grousing - I am so proud of A riding so far and already so confident on her bike with only two wheels. I look forward to many bike rides together this spring.

On a lighter note, I was down .2 lbs on the Wii after not stepping on for over 300 days. 'Apparently' I'm great at maintenance.

R has a dinner planned for me at a friends home tonight to celebrate my birthday which is tomorrow. This is the last day of my life in the 50's. Sort of weird to think about it that way. Heaven knows I don't feel my age, which is totally normal from things I have heard other's say about aging. I just hope I can make up for lost time in my sixth decade; I anticipate a lighter healthier and more active body, I'm just not sure how to make that happen yet. Perseverance? Pushing myself out of the way? Getting out of my head and into the world?

But in the meantime I am enjoying listening to her putter in the kitchen as she layers the lasagna and Alanna updates us as to what all the avatars on the Wii are doing now that we have finished weighing all of the dogs. They have all lost weight and seem healthy. At least someone is!

Dinner was wonderful, R decorated and made it amazing. There was a big blue 60 on the cake. Me? Really?  Now I can't sleep and wonder what the year will bring, what I will make of it. I would rather be sleeping.

Breakfast: decaff  tea, a deviled egg
Brunch: toast with PB
Lunch:  tossed salad, last of the veggie soup
Dinner: homemade lasagna, salad, garlic bread
Dessert: pineapple upside down cake

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