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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A St. Paddy's Day Brisket

Awake at 4 something this morning I watched last night's episode of Castle before getting up and prepping everything for tonight's dinner. The plan was to leave directions for M to get dinner started and in the oven and I would finish up when I got home.

We are going to oven braise our corned beef this year in a homemade onion mixture seasoned with magic mushroom mix. It was a little early to really enjoy the smells steaming up out of the sautee pan, but once I added the prepackaged spices from the meat package it smelled like St. Paddy's day and that was good. I peeled and rough chopped the carrots, white onions & red potatoes and left them bagged and in the fridge. I rinsed and re-bagged the meat, and dumped the onion mix into a container and those went in the fridge along with everything else. I even left the roasting pan and jar of red palm oil on the counter with the directions that went something like this:

2pm: Preheat oven to 325
1. Sear both sides of meat for 1-2 minutes in 2T of red palm oil preheated in blue pan on stove
2. Add onion mix, then as many veggies as will fit, your choice.
3. Cover and put in the oven
4. I will add cabbage when I get home

Yikes! forgot to tell him to drain the potatoes before adding them, they are in water so they don't turn brown. A quick text later and it's all good.

Back to work for the wicked.

To Sprouts for lunch; I picked up a BoBo's Oat Bar - Maple Pecan - and munched on raw carrots left over from this morning's prep - plus a very small avocado that I was afraid was going to be inedible and ended up being perfect. What a lovely lunch; whole grains, raw veggie, healthy fat. Go me.

I also picked up some organic garlic bread from the fridge section to throw in the oven this evening to go with the brisket; A and M will appreciate it.

A quick stop at the store on the way home for horseradish - go figure they were all out - and some staples before heading home to finish up dinner.

Ta Da! Home in time to throw in the cabbage quarters for the last 45 minutes having turned the oven up to 350, then once the roasting pot was out of the oven the bread went in. While it was toasting I tossed the ceasar salad and sliced the brisket. Dinner was everything it was supposed to be; there are few things as wonderful as potatoes and carrots mashed together with onion after they have all spent a few hours basking together in a roasting pan with a corned beef brisket. Yum.

There is a blueberry and peach galette for dessert but that will have to wait; I am full and tired after packing up the leftovers and rinsing the mountain of pans, strainers, utensils and bowls it took to pull all of this together. M did a great job putting everything together this morning; it wouldn't have been possible without his help.

A and I had taken a quick trip to the library while the cabbage was cooking, and so my day has been literally non stop go go go. If my fitbit hadn't broken (if I hadn't washed it) I would have loved to know how many steps the day contained. Now it's time for a sit down and an episode of Mike and Molly while I relax.

Breakfast:  home brewed decaf coffee, half n half;  last two tiny slices of leftover pizza
Lunch: Bobo's oat bar, raw carrots, small avocado
Early Dinner: corned beef, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, onions, salad, garlic bread
Dessert: blueberry\peach galette

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