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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's all good for now

My 3 year anniversary review at work this afternoon took 2 hours. I have a raise and some work to do, but my boss is happy with the 'smoke and mirrors' of the department and how everything is getting done. I am to finish up my table top desk and take it in with my flat screen monitor so he can see how I want to make my workstation 'dynamic'. Hopefully he will approve and I can put in a work order to mount the monitor and move my bulletin board.

I was so tired after our meeting that it was easy to head straight home to heat up soup for dinner. I'll make a new batch tomorrow while the rest of the Fam is at softball and the kitchen is free. We always make do in there no matter what needs to be done, it's just more relaxing when we aren't playing bumper cars in the process. Maybe I'll even have a Crabbies seeing as how I splurged and picked up a 4-pack at the store my last shopping trip. As H use to note, I do better in the evenings with a drink under my belt.

Speaking of H, I noticed the other day that I hadn't really thought of him much recently, and when he does cross my mind it's fleeting or in reference to something specific, not me dwelling on the unfixable. I think I know now that even should I never have another love interest I'll be okay. A life different than I had anticipated, but one still good and worthwhile. Baby steps.

Lets see, what is on the agenda for this evening. First dinner and a show, then hopefully reading with A - she continues to amaze us all with her proficiency, and maybe a quick check on the new tomato plants in the back first; I've barely been outside all day and my skin and eyes and joints ache for it.

Well, my 'show' was Noah and it was loooong. So no outside puttering. A and I did read the first chapter of Lemony Snicket's The Bad Beginning, A reading the first page almost entirely by herself. And I am too tired to bathe her, the rents out and about in their separate endeavors. It's Spring break, she is suppose to be dirtier than usual from playing all day, no? Yes.

Farewell March, farewell the first quarter of the year, where did you go? How did you slip through my fingers with so little to show from it. Sneaky months, just sayin'.

breakfast: decaf, sausage biscuit
lunch: bean burrito from CJ's with extra pico de gallo, sweet greens juice
Snack: banana, apple
Dinner: last of left over veggie bean soup with parmesan noodles added

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