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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pizza and voting

Salt is saturating every pore in my mouth as I type. I'm loving and hating it all at the same time. Loving the sharp spice and resulting saliva in my mouth, hating how I will be swollen and cranky later and trying to purge the sodium.

I had heated up another Praeger's corn cake for lunch, topped with 2 small vine ripened tomatoes and half an avocado. For my protein I added the last of a bag of roasted and salted pepitas, and by last of the bag I mean all of the salt that had accumulated at the bottom. Tomorrow I start in on the newly purchased bag of seeds and I am sure I will miss the salt. Maybe I should have something different tomorrow so I don't have the comparison and am tempted to add salt.

Can I over think things or what?!

At lunch I had picked up three small tomato plants, an Early Girl and two...I don't know the picture looked good...and they are now out on the back patio resting in the middle of the table stand up high where hopefully the dogs won't bother them and the sun will start working it's magic. 59 days until tomatoes says the package :)

This afternoon was a game day for A and I volunteered to pick up some Papa Murphy's pizzas to bake at home and have ready for them afterwards. A regular crust all meat for M and A and a Gourmet Veggie DeLite for Me and R. Of course we will dip into their pizza for a slice but my intentions were good. They are sitting on the counter resting and I have just had a text that one of the girls' Mothers brought them pizza. Go figure. But pizza will not go to waste in this house. No harm no foul, appropriately enough given the season.

I wonder why I can hate my body yet not stop eating in order to change it. I am not alone, that is why there is a billion dollar diet industry. Can't some great minds get together and figure this out? It's not just about nutrition, or self realization. There has to be another element, and if so why can't someone figure it out? I don't want to eat too much, it just happens.

Checking back in before turning in for the night. American Idol is on and it's a voting night. Like mine counts, ha. That is sometimes a hard concept; if no one participates because they feel that one vote doesn't make a difference, then there are no votes. So either they all count or none of them do. I like to think they all do. Just like in politics. So vote.

Breakfast:  decaf coffee, sausage muffin
Lunch: Dr. Praeger's corn patties, avocado, tomatoes, pepitas
Dinner: left over veggies, one slice of veggie pizza - super thin crust and light cheese
Dessert: two freshly baked chocolate chip cookies  -  thank you Papa Murphy

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