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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

First the quiet, then the binging

It's a quiet morning in my office, sunlight streaming through the open blinds and not a sound to be heard. No geese honking outside, no cars driving by, no laughter from down the hallway. It's a rare occurrence this peach, and I find it is conducive to, well, not working. I sit quietly for a moment, head down stretching out the back of my neck, hands loose in my lap, feet resting lightly on the floor. Then a car door closes, a footstep echoes from the upstairs suite, the glass door outside my office bangs shut. Time to get busy.

Taking a short lunch meant leaving half an hour early, and I must say that usually by 3 each day I am getting antsy to be gone and away from work. It's my new solution to the old office problem; be there at the same time as little as possible. Harrumph.

I'm tired this evening. I got home and ate almost a whole bag of microwave popcorn. Then had a bowl of leftover veggies from last night's feast, then a small bowl of Kashi cereal that was so horrible I had to add honey, flax meal and half a banana to make it edible. I still wasn't done, buttering a piece of bread and making a cuppa tea. I may have kept eating if the family hadn't returned home from tball practice.

Helping A with her homework and then watching part of Face Off together filled some time and then her parents arrive home from picking up some dinner. Now A is floating in a bathtub filled with beautifully striking aqua water and a light sprinkling of bubbles. She so loves to float and dream and ignore the whole washing part of taking a bath. I would too if I fit in the tub anymore.

Time to call it a day, make some chamomile tea, and settle in with Kaylee. I'm just done and pissed about the non stop eating. Although, it's a calm mad, nothing frantic or accusatory. I'll do better tomorrow.

Breakfast:  decaf coffee, sausage biscuit
Lunch: Dr. Praeger's corn patties, avocado
Snack: popcorn, cereal
Dinner: left over veggies, slice of bread with butter 

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