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Friday, March 6, 2015

Honk Honk

The geese outside my office window are raising quite the alarm with all of their honking and flapping as they try to settle on the 2nd story balconies. I know they are considered 'problematic' by the building super, but I do so enjoy the clamor. It reminds me there is an outside world, one with ponds and blue skies and fresh air. And since it is almost Spring, maybe even some small fuzzy goslings. Each year I have been here (3) in the Spring I have seen a few, and it is such a joy watching them waddle after their parents down the middle of the parking lot or lounging out front on the lawn by the water fountain. Love them, can hardly wait for the yearly sighting.

Lunch was so delicious I wolfed it down way too fast, hence the time left over to type. Amy's Organic Enchiladas with half a perfectly ripe avocado; tasty and filling. So delicious, but I am sure full of sodium.  Yep! 880g of sodium in the box, which says it is two servings (2x440) but that must be in another country. I will be swollen when I wake up tomorrow; I'll try pounding down some extra water this afternoon.

Blood test results are in: everything within normal ranges - even my thyroid was just under the top of the normal range. So  much for a miracle cure !  But I know why I'm tired - it's the trade off to limit my back pain. Reminder - lose weight, get off meds, get energy back, move more, then finally no more pain!

Back to taxes and to think about what to make for dinner. I find it helps to have a plan in place before I start my drive past every fast food joint in the world on the way home. Well, at least it seems that way most days.

So tired at the end of the work day I stopped for a second decaf coffee - I haven't done that in more years than I can remember. And here I am just a few hours later and still tired. Fried up some sliced baby potatoes for dinner; yellow, gold, white, purple. Now I am really ready to lay down and watch the pilot of Dig. Like any pilot it will either grab me or not, but I love the idea so I'm game to try.

The weekend looms, and it seems only hours since I was doing chores last weekend. I need to get out of the house. I am too much a recluse which lends to overeating. Oh for the energy to stride out the front door with purpose. I could take something, or brew some real coffee, but I know it will only end badly eventually so why bother.

Weekend goal: eat lots of salad! Set some garbanzo beans to sprout. See a movie. Laugh. Admirable goals, no?

Breakfast: decaff  coffee, sausage biscuit
Lunch: Amy's organic enchiladas, half an avocado
Dinner: home fried baby potatoes
Dessert: it's Friday, I may go out and pick up some ice cream :)

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