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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cake and determination

The house is quiet, A has her first softball game and my face is not up to being seen in public. Canker sores at my age is just ridiculous, but there it is and I would rather hang out here. There will be lots of games this spring & summer that I will want to attend, so no regrets. But weeks of being emotional has finally taken it's toll and as usual it's my face paying the price.

Dinner is in the microwave, cozy stretchy clothes have been donned, and there are a couple of episodes of Mike and Molly to watch. Those are my new guilty pleasure, watching reruns of a series I never watched when new.

I am trying to make sure I at least eat light every evening, loading up on veggies and water and not eating after 7 so I go to bed on an empty stomach. Last night I heard a peanut butter sandwich calling my name around ten but I made the decision to stay in bed and be grateful for other things. I was very glad this morning upon remembering this and plan on repeating this night after night after night. It will make a difference, it's a healthy choice that will add up over time.

Of course, in the kitchen is a chunk of leftover flourless chocolate cake that was part of my 'work' birthday celebration. OMG - like silky light fudge that melts on the tongue. Sigh. But no more for me, I had one piece this afternoon and that will suffice. I am determined.

Breakfast: decaff  coffee, sausage muffin
Lunch:  polish dog from Costco
Dessert: flourless chocolate cake (small piece)
Dinner: 8-veggie mix from TJ's stir fried in red palm oil served over baby potatoes with magic mushroom mix and English peas
Snack: steamed artichoke, half one medium (planned for 7)

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