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Monday, March 30, 2015

More greens please

I did my Monday lunchtime shopping at sprouts for my weekly salads and picked up a juice for the drive home after work. I am planning to eat well this week, in terms of quality not quantity, and my shopping reflected my goals. My drive through breakfast did not.

Neither did my tacos at 380 Calories and very little lettuce and salsa to compensate for all of the processed ingredients. I don't know if I'm really hungry when I stop or if I'm avoiding arriving home. Which is weird, I love being home, it's just that there isn't anything fried or super bad here. I think I 'prestress' eat in preparation of whatever may come. Survival instincts gone awry!!

Quiet prevening at home with the Fam at softball practice followed by a quiet evening as they set out to play Ingress, leaving me with a pudding cake in the kitchen. I can't complain, I brought one home this weekend per a request from M when asking if they needed anything from the store. We are all bad, not a saving grace among us at the moment; it's a frickin feeding frenzy!

Just listened to the movie Anita. I remember the trial so vividly and being so pissed off at Spectre and applauding her bravery; she has meant so much to women finding their voices, I am thrilled to see how her life has turned out.

I will do better tomorrow by 1. remembering my green juice to drink on the way home and 2. win the fight to stay on the freeway passing fast food exits. I will.

breakfast: decaf, sausage biscuit
lunch: Grocery store blend of Kale, Brussels sprouts, etc to which I added pepitas, sprouted chick peas & avocado
Snack: banana, two tacos from JITB
Dinner: whole grain toast w/organic apricot jam, tiny cheeseburger white castle style home made by R
Dessert: Lemon pudding cake.

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