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Friday, March 20, 2015

Welcome Spring

Like many I enjoy the creative Google graphics that greet me when signing on in the morning. Adds a little smile and helps lift the mood if stuck at a desk. Anyway, the weather has certainly felt like Spring the past few days; heater in the morning, AC in the afternoon driving to and from work. That initial blast of the AC when starting the car in the morning can be a shocker!

Our schedules at work have changed a bit and I am enjoying my quiet mornings, maybe too much since I am typing here instead of writing procedures and reviewing ongoing projects. It is sometimes hard to be motivated when there is nothing with timely importance on my desk. Not to say our department manual isn't important, and should be completed by June, or August as J guessed yesterday. But it does not inspire.

This evening A and I have a date night, and we have a sewing project to finish up. I need to think of something fun for us to do; maybe go out for frozen yogurt downtown. Sigh. The little angel sitting on my shoulder is compelling me to get to work. 8:08 am and I am already yearning for home.

Damn, I just remembered I forgot to bring my lunch of leftover pizza.

The day turned into an odd one. I had once again not slept well until after 2am when I finally got up and had another piece of pizza. Waking at quarter to 7 I made coffee, dressed, washed my face and rushed out the door with an apple and a banana in my lunch bag. Once at work I couldn't stand the feel of my dirty hair and as soon as I could (8:30) I lit out for a shampoo and a blow out at the local supercuts. On the way back to the office I was still dragging and stopped by Starbucks to use up my holiday gift card. Spotting a darling little egg salad sandwich I grabbed it for a very early lunch along with my decaf americano.

Finally busy with work and not hungry for lunch it was 2 when I needed a break. Three of us met at Starbucks for hot chocolate and a meeting. I think we accomplished a couple of things before heading back to the office. Out of there at 3:30 I was still dragging. This after an all time high of two decafs and a chocolate in the same day. I know it's the inhaler I am using to ward off the cough that stems from allergies, but I know I hate the coughing worse than the not sleeping so I will tough it out.

A was an absolute angel this evening. She has an upcoming 'Egg Drop' at school next week and it was all about making her box. She did a great job, incorporating cotton balls and a parachute made from an organic vegetable bag and plastic straws, some green holiday ribbon and a home made cardboard box for the base of her 'hot egg carrier balloon'. She rocks projects. I'm sure she will remember about the sewing at some point this weekend, or I will remind her, but I am thankful she forgot about it tonight. The reigning project was much more fun.

She had left over pasta with sauce and a big meatball and finished her whole bowl - a rare occurrence these days - and I had a couple pieces of my left over veggie pizza and a small corned beef sandwich. We each had a small bowl of vanilla ice cream for dessert and watched the 4th Harry Potter movie. A nice productive quiet evening. I hope the 'rents are having fun on their night out; Warriors are up by six in the 2nd quarter, so far so good.

After logging my food I can't help but give a heartfelt OMG! What a day of bad carbs, what was I thinking, or better yet why wasn't I thinking?  Oh yes, that would be the 'tired all day' and reaching for a pick me up. Insane when I know energy comes from greens, not refined carbs. I had better make it a weekend of plants, especially green ones.

Crazy woman signing out.

early breakfast: slice of leftover pizza (meat) 2am
breakfast: slice of TJ's Pugliese bread and thin smear of butter
lunch: egg salad with greens on whole grain bread
dinner: left over veggie pizza, super small corned beef sandwich
dessert: small bowl of vanilla ice cream

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