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Saturday, March 28, 2015

73 and burning up!

Typical Saturday morning; dishes, laundry, puttering around picking up and putting away the detritus of the week. But then we girls headed out back and did some pruning, weeding and planting. We have Early Girl tomatoes in the hanging planter and some heartier beefsteak type toms staked in the planter on the back patio. It will be wonderful to have garden ripened tomatoes again this summer.

It only took about half an hour in the sun before the heat and sweat drove us in the first time. Checking the temperature it was only 73! We chatted a bit with A about how lucky we are to have the sun and a back yard trying to ease the burden of picking up old dried up oranges and weeding. I'm not sure she was going for it. But every week the yard is looking better. I might need to pick up a new weed whacker. Might.

Resting while watching Yard Crashers was good for the big girls, but A went out front with a ball of string and a bunch of sticks she had cut to length. Now she is struggling with her imagination, and the lack of appropriate materials to build the swing she has her heart set on; god I wish I could keep up with her!

Done and done! I convinced her that a swing engineered to hold the weight of one of her dolls would be awesome, that I was sorry I didn't have rope heavier than string, and she agreed it was a good compromise. We knotted and hung and punched and knotted some more and viola! She has a beautiful little swing hanging from the Crepe Myrtle by the front door. On the same branch she uses to swing herself, practice pull ups, and fly around the trunk.

While the depth of the swing's seat could have been deeper, she was happy with the results.

Grocery shopping done, fruit salad made, bean soup simmering away on the stove. The sun is finally on it's way down and I'm going to head out back for a few more minutes of Spring weather. I so love having all the windows open and listening to the motorcycles, ducks, and white noise of the neighborhood.

I've been on my feet most of the day, either barefoot, wearing my thin 'barefoot' OP shoes or few minutes on my Crocs to dash outside once. I can feel a difference after only a few days, I do believe my feet are getting stronger. I'm also doing toe exercises on and off when I am standing at the keyboard. Go me.

breakfast: decaf, egg on toast
lunch: whole grain toast, quinoa Qrunch pattie, tomatoes, sriracha sauce sandwich
Dinner: home made bean soup: bok choy, celery heart, orange bell pepper, white onion, cannellini beans, magic mushroom mix, freshly ground pepper, spoonful of sr cream.

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