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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Just checking in

Up early this morning and had coffee and breakfast ready to go by 6:30. My decaf definitely does not have as much caffeine as the Mickey D's decaf, but my daughter is encouraging me to take Shaklee's Mind Works and I know from experience that will fill in the missing lift.

I turned into a couch potato this evening, guess I used up all my oomph yesterday. But I am proud of the fact that I was alone all evening and, despite several visits to the kitchen for a snack, I was able to do without. Wearing short sleeves and seeing my once beautiful arms inflated to baggy saggy sad appendages instead of the strong and toned limbs they once were is a great incentive. Sometimes. I still drove through for dinner again this afternoon. But no fries & no snacking. That's all good.

I'm still bushed, and ready to call it a day. I will not succumb to an easy fix, I will tough out this allergy season being grateful that I am not hacking up a lung. I will continue to hydrate, take my immune support, and somehow up my plant intake. "Just do it Sweetie, your body will thank you!" squeaks the angel sitting on my right shoulder.

breakfast: home decaf, toast w\ PB, honey, flax meal, half a banana
lunch: leftover homemade pea soup with a spoonful of organic sour cream and hot sauce
Dinner: Star burger

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