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Monday, March 9, 2015

Back to square one

I was putting dishes away in the kitchen this morning when I realized that
     1. I was not alone and
     2.I needed to leave for work.

So at lunch time I drove over to sprouts to get salad fixings for the week. And my brain went, "really, salad all week?" I stopped in my tracks and reassessed the situation. When I lost weight before it was because I ate in moderation, ate mostly plants, and treated myself to a sandwich once a week on the day I did the grocery shopping. I decided this was a good place to start and set forth to find what I really wanted for lunch. A sandwich. Getting back to the office I prepped the fresh ingredients and have just finished a wonderful treat. In the car I have a large fresh looking bunch of organic kale to use in my veggie bean soup tonight. I feel good, and look forward to getting back to the basics of what has worked for me in the past.

I do need to revise it a little bit, if it had been perfect I wouldn't have strayed back to the dark side. In my defense there was a LOT of emotional stress during the regaining years and I shouldn't beat myself up so much. But stepping into the offense box for a moment, it was a good strategy and I can't keep dipping into the pity pool for excuses. A little bit smaller portions since I am not walking, and adding stretching at home will help. I found my work out Capri's pushed into the back of a drawer while organizing my clothes this weekend so I am ready to change when I get home and get down on the floor. I am.

BUT...instead I made awesome Black Bean and Kale soup. And fresh lemonade. And a big salad. I'll stretch after dinner is through digesting, probably in front of the tv a little bit later.

So, the soup. I started with the onion, cauliflower mix I threw together yesterday. I added a large can of organic black beans (quart?) that I had blended with a quart of veggie stock. To this I added garlic powder, cumin, smoked paprika and oregano. Once the pot had reached a boil I threw in five really large kale leaves that I had destemmed while waiting. Once the 20 minute timer dinged (during which time I made the fresh lemonade) I held the blender by the pot and pulled out all of the wilted kale leaves then blended them into oblivious before adding them back to the pot. I added about a cup of water to the blender and shook it well to get every last bit of green and threw that in the pot as well.

Bringing everything back to the boil, I then turned it down to a simmer and let it steam away uncovered until I liked the consistency, about another 15 minutes. While waiting, I tossed together a chopped salad for R to use for her dinner tonight with enough left over for me tomorrow.

The first spoonful of soup was good, but a little too  spicy so I added a spoonful of organic sour cream and then it was perfecto. With every bite my taste buds liked it more and more and now my bowl is empty. And I am stuffed full of wonderful nutrients. Yay me!

Tonight's agenda, stretching while watching Once Upon A Time.

Breakfast:  decaf coffee, sausage biscuit
Lunch: small kaiser roll, kosher cheese, spicy sprouts, cucumber, avocado sandwich
Snack: med pink lady apple
Dinner: homemade black bean & kale soup

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