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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sometimes it's better to just stop ...OR NOT

Another quiet weekend day. Some more cleaning up, the last of the laundry, another stint in the back yard weeding and picking up the dog messes. Three dogs is too many, just sayin'.

An afternoon shower and then lying down to watch Hugo left me with a head of flopsy wavy hair that will need to be tamed before work tomorrow. I had thought about going out to the theatre to see the new Cinderella, but I seem to be limited to a half day of energy. Better that than none, no?

Perhaps that is why I have found it so hard to make salads lately, it just takes so much out of me. And with that I am done writing for the day, I don't like where this is going.

Deciding action might be the better course of action I headed out intending to go to the Library where it would be cool and quiet and I could pick up the next audio book in my series. But looking at the car clock and realizing the Library was already closed I turned into Lowes instead for some Pineapple Sage and Garden Sage, both deterrents to the flies that want to swarm in the breezeway on our patio. In an attempt to cheer up my daughter who is also in somewhat of a funk today I splurged and bought a cherry tomato that was already staked and fruiting! So really a present for both of us if the green tomatoes actually ripen. Back home I am once again a bit too warm and telling myself that the weather too is part of our bodies working like a finely tuned machine; You can read more about that over at

Maybe I'll go out to a prevening show and have popcorn for dinner instead of soup. That would be totally out of my comfort zone and energy level. But I'm full of ... repressed frustration?..and feel the need to do something more than the retail therapy I am just back from indulging in at Lowes.

breakfast: decaf, sausage biscuit
lunch: chopped salad: romaine, cilantro, cauliflower, orange bell pepper, sunflower seeds, sprouted garbanzo beans, green onion. Left over bow-tie pasta, parmesan, freshly ground pepper.
Planned Dinner: left over veggie-bean soup  Actual Dinner: Polish dog from Spanky's

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