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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

choices, decisions, belief

This morning the drive through was so crowded I took the side road to the next entrance. BUT there was JITB and I ended up getting my decaf and sandwich anyway. And grilled no less so more calories than god I am sure.

I did win the battle for lunch. I did not drive through BK for fries (next to the FedEx drop off), nor did I go into Target for popcorn. I pulled into  a parking place, didn't even turn the engine off, and backed out to head back to the office. I did see a huge sign for organic corned beef at whole foods so I stopped in there and picked one up for St. Paddy's day. I also picked up some whole wheat Nan, and a basket of strawberries. Still bread which I didn't need, but wholesome food and not crap for lunch. Wait, will the corned beef last a week? Did I buy it too early? Maybe we are celebrating early this year.

A healthy dinner will put me ahead for the day and that is what matters, small choices that wrack up to a day in the black, so to say.

And then it was a horrible drive home; not the traffic, the fighting! It was a battle at every off ramp to stay on the freeway and come home to my bean soup.  But I did it, and is soup is wont to do, it was even better today. So rich and tasty and satisfying. I need to believe these small decisions will add up to create motivation and even will power. I do believe, I do.

Breakfast:  decaf coffee, breakfast sandwich
Lunch: Nan bread, kosher cheese, spicy sprouts, cucumber, avocado sandwich
Snack: med pink lady apple
Dinner: homemade black bean and kale soup with a dollop of sour cream

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