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Sunday, March 22, 2015

What a lazy day; I'm blaming the pancakes

Breakfast out with the Fam and then driving around for a bit while they 'hack portals, load resonators? and 'link back' to whatever. Ingress has become a normal part of their driving habit, and M is proficient at ambidextrously keeping both phones going while R does the driving. I can tell they are having fun doing this together and it makes me smile.

It's grey outside, and we arrived home to little flurries of tiny raindrops blowing hither and yon. Might be time to snuggle up for an early movie while I crash from my pancake breakfast.

Hopefully I will make myself straighten up in my room today, it's feeling a bit claustrophobic again. I feel like I am wasting my life away on mundane household chores. I will be the first to admit I have not\am not doing the best job of enjoying this life on earth. One might say it's a waste of space, but I keep thinking there will eventually be something more for me here. Not that loving my family isn't enough, but that is only a part of who I am, no?

The afternoon was spent tending a fire, helping A with her sewing project, and listening to the end of my current book while playing solitaire. Quiet and homey. Who cares if my room is a disaster. Apparently not me.

breakfast: two large Emil Villas six grain pancakes with organic walnuts
lunch: one leftover pancake, a slice of bacon,yesterday's juice
early dinner: sauteed mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes, leftover pasta, combined with a splash of cream and parmesan.
dinner part II: onion roll with cheese, tomatoes, sriracha sauce and red onion

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