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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Meerkat Motto or Climb Every Mountain

Sleeping in on top of daylight savings had me in bed until 9am. Amazing. Perfect for a Sunday.

This morning A was hanging out in my room while the 'rents were getting ready to go out for breakfast. She offered me a sticker and looking around I noticed a long ago posted but sort of ignored clipping on the wall. The Meerkat Motto (I miss that show, Meerkat Manor!). Anyway, I put my chosen sticker on the corner of the paper then shared the motto with A.

Meerkat Motto
Respect the Elders,
Teach the Young,
Cooperate with the Family.
Play when you can,
Work when you should,
Rest In Between.
Share your Affection,
Voice your Feelings,
Leave your Mark.

All of the important benchmarks of being human too, in my humble opinion. I need to work on the 'play when you can' aspect'. She thought it was a little insulting when I explained why she made a good Meerkat. In her defense she is six and it's sometimes hard to spot a compliment.

Last night I went to bed thinking about habits, and my food addiction struggles, and my mental health. Not an exceptionally pleasant set of ruminations but a problem ignored is not one that goes away. Not that I have ignored it, I have 40 years of battling under my belt to no avail. That thought saddens me, not that there has been no miraculous solution as I use to pray for, but that all the effort and thought was apparently  just wasted. Or is my svelte 230 the good news, and without the fight I would be 500lbs? Now to my favorite quote from EPL - "there is no control group for a human life."

Now i'm thinking about breakfast. How sick is that? In my defense it is morning, and my last meal was over 12 hours ago. Let's not be crazy. Let's just make some more eggs and toast! Done.

Climb every Mountain  Earlier this morning before there were plans for them to go out to breakfast, A and I were watching The Pacifier. If you are not familiar with this movie, the son is in a production of the Sound of Music, and after everyone left I was inspired to look up this link, (Acted by Peggy Wood, dubbed by Margery McKay.) Best performance of the song ever. How can anyone ever give up or lose faith after listening to her. Including me. Showered, dressed, and about to go out!

I did pass on Sunday Dinner at a friends, but next time my face will be better and I'll say yes. I accidentally made a delicious dinner for myself at home. Yellow onion sauteed in red palm oil, then diced cauliflower added in equal part, seasoned with magic mushroom mix, dried sage, a little Montreal steak seasoning, and a dash of celery seed. Earlier I had sliced some firm sprouted tofu and had it marinating in soy, catsup, garlic, vinegar and raw honey. I pan seared the sliced, and put one in a bowl and topped it with the onion mixture. Very good and somehow WAY spicy. Remembering some left over white rice in the fridge I added some to my next bowl and it was perfect. So good that I made a final small bowl the same way and savored every bite. There is lots of onion  mixture left over to use as a base for bean soup, I know that will be delicious too.

Breakfast:  whole wheat toast, eggs soft scrambled with mustard
Lunch: two green chili and cheese tamales from TJ's
Dinner: marinated tofu, white rice, onion & cauliflower saute
Dessert: finally really eating the vanilla ice cream I wrote down but didn't actually have the past two days

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