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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Writing - the good gene

I made a decision at the beginning of this year to write everyday, and then I later decided to add my food log in an attempt to add a component of accountability to my eating habits. While I can't say it's been entirely successful, it does make me happy in an odd sort of way that I am in fact following through with something. I have also been eating more at home and limiting my fast food to breakfast.

All that being said I was 'starving' as I left work and my early dinner was dashboard dining on a Star burger. Back when I was having what I later discovered was probably low blood sugar while eating a diet that was the current popular high protein\low carb fare, I came to recognize the symptoms that triggered an immediate response to eat. Panic, sweat, shakes - when these start I know to bolt for food like a diabetic staving off coma. Okay, not that drastic, but the urge is there and it's pretty frantic. As long as I don't snack tonight pretending that I haven't really had 'dinner' the day won't be a loss. Along those lines my prevening snack was the last of the raw mushrooms taking up space in the fridge.

The Fam is home and the big secret is that A is going to be presented with Student of the Month at the next Spirit Assembly. She has already been the 'Star' of the week - that is for everyone in the class to celebrate why they are special. This award is truly only given out once a school term month, nine or ten? to one child. She is excelling at writing above her grade level and I am so so happy and proud that she is a writer. I tease her mother sometimes that she will be the one to write a best seller and keep us warm and safe in our retirement years. Go A!

Time to go visit with my fellow creatures for a bit before bedtime. I have been rather wrapped up in my audio books of late while giving them time to be together as an independent family unit. All in less than 1200 sq ft. Quite the feat.

breakfast: decaf, sausage biscuit
lunch: leftover homemade pea soup and garlic bread
Dinner: Star burger
Snack: raw mushrooms
Bedtime Snack: one slice buttered bread (organic whole grain)

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