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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Just a quick note

Today was busy. Up in time to shower and plan meals but then a text came in and an office mate was not coming in. So instead of making meals I went in early. Good thing too, ended up two short for most of the day but got all of the work done.

Hmm, when did this become about work? Let's focus instead on the beautiful green hills I drove through on the way home, on the half hour of weeding I did in the backyard when I got here, and on the excitement of planning a triathlon with A. And who knew - when I googled the spelling I ended up on a link to a local triathlon with her age group included coming in May! Right here in town no less! GMTA and all that. Now she has training to do for not just our little endeavor but also for the city event. No places, no timing, just good healthy fun. A has already made up a poster; I'll have to take a pic and post later.

Now I am exhausted, fighting a cold, and ready for bed early. Please let the Immune and Immunity do their work while I sleep tonight; I would love to get through the end of this Winter without a full blown cold.

Breakfast:  decaf coffee, sausage biscuit
Lunch: TJ's organic cheese and green chili tamales (2), scoop of guacamole
Dinner: last of the homemade black bean and kale soup, WW Naan with organic cheddar cheese and spicy sprouts

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