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Monday, March 16, 2015

Baby steps

Something has me off kilter and I was up late again this morning. But I didn't rush off all hair brained. I made my coffee and breakfast as planned, and headed out ten minutes late, but not stopping for breakfast evened out the time.

I am writing this during a ten minute break. My work is caught up, my 'roomie' is on her phone, and I don't want to be here. Time to start in on procedures. Fun.

Ended up taking an early lunch and wandering around target; picked up a new pepper grinder and then headed back to the office in time to heat up my soup and listen to a little more of my story (now on book 4 of the Mortal Instruments.)

On the way home I picked up sewing pins for a project A and I are working on - making a nightgown for her sock monkey. That child has no ends of ideas, and she wants to do everything; my goal is to get through one thing. My lunch wasn't enough and I succumbed to temptation on the way to the store and picked up two tacos for a buck, around 380 calories so as long as I stick with salad later when I am hungry I should be fine for the day. Baby steps, get more things right than wrong within the day and you make progress.  A"What About Bob!" inspired comment.

I am wondering about my morning coffee, after three days of brewing my own decaf I seem more tired than ever in the afternoons. But everyone is complaining about how awful their allergies are and I suppose that is the culprit. Maybe juice instead of salad for dinner, that's an idea.

The house is quiet, I have dinner started for the kids, and it's time to watch a bit of uninterrupted tv. The windows are open, the geese honking as they fly by, and the dogs underfoot. Life is good.

Breakfast:  home brewed decaf coffee, half n half;  toast w\ PB, flax meal & half a banana
Lunch: homemade pea soup
Early Dinner: tacos from JITB

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