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Friday, March 13, 2015

Out Damn Germs!

Sore throat, I banish thee
Congestion, I banish thee
DayQuil, thank you for a drip free morning at the office

Home now and full of won ton soup ( a whole quart) I am ready to call it a day. I've been by TJ's to get some groceries, taken M to get cash and do some quick 'drive bys' as part of the Resistance movement in the Ingress app he is playing on Google, and given Kaylee a bath. Now that the DayQuil is wearing off I am sure I will slow down and need a nap. A has a game this prevening, so the house will be quiet and I can sneeze in peace. Out Damn Germs indeed!

I need to up the Immune again tonight and keep the liquids coming; why I am already battling another bug I don't know - maybe it's just really bad allergies due to all the swinging back and forth between warm sunny days and rainy ones. But in any case I am determined to be over it before Sunday so I can finally make it to a T-Ball game and watch A play.

restless...Dayquil no longer feels like my friend....

A trip to Target and I am stocked with tissues, a new inhaler, and a one serving coffee pot for the morning. Today was it, no more sausage. No more driving through in the morning. I have dark roast decaf from TJ's and half n half in the fridge. No sugar. I can make my coffee and breakfast at home or do without. I'm done. I'm also medicated and can't be trusted but at the moment my intentions are pure.

I hope I sleep well, I just took some tylenol pm and I'm ready to sleep instead of sneeze.


Breakfast:  decaf coffee, sausage biscuit
Lunch: TJ's organic cheese and green chili tamales (2), scoop of guacamole
Early Dinner: restaurant grade won ton soup with lots of freshly wilted spinach
2nd Dinner: organic chili, hot and bun with onions & tomatoes

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