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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Busy day

I am sipping away at a cuppa green tea sweetened with raw Bay Area honey. Listening to The Mortal Instruments book one and playing solitaire I wait for energy and motivation to creep upon each other until they collide and in their synergy I am compelled to act.

I am feeling especially plump this morning, swollen from salting the fries last night, but extra water and moving will take care of that. I will drink until I am forced to consider that I am probably hungry,  I wonder if I have any Shape left in the cupboard...well, that didn't last long. R broke the yolk of an egg she was cooking over easy and all of a sudden a scrambled egg was up for grabs. I threw a slice of whole grain wheat bread in the toaster and minutes later I was indulging in an old favorite; scrambled egg on toast with mustard! Regular yellow  mustard you might find in a squeeze bottle at the local diner or hot dog truck. Spicy, creamy, crunchy - speaking of synergy this is another case of normal ingredients combining to create something special. Yum.

A gift, a cuppa decaf from Mickey D's. Two hours later the living room and hallway have both had a vigorous carpet cleaning - not that it made much of a dent but at least it will feel better for awhile. And it always looks better when it dries. Laundry is almost done for the week, I did the dishes this morning, and I have a short shopping list for an afternoon outing.  Bottom line I have been on my feet almost all day with brief sitting for meals and intend to keep it up for at least a couple more hours.

OMG I ache all over, from just a little added activity. But the carpets are looking better and the laundry is done. I shouldn't have sat down for dinner because as I already said, I ache! I think a couple of tylenol pm are in order and early to bed. Good timing, tomorrow the clock springing forward and all.

Breakfast: green tea
Lunch: chopped salad with 1/4 avocado
Dinner: half a steamed artichoke, bean & cheese burrito with the last 1/4 avocado
Dessert: cheap vanilla ice cream

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