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Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

I do love that Google does this, who cares if it might be a little big brotherish.

This morning my darling A greeted me with "Happy Birthday, Grama!" When I tried to fill the dog bowls before leaving for work she offered to do it for me, taking the bowls away from me and declaring that, 'you don't have to do chores on your birthday, I'll feed them." Sweetness personified.

A busy day at work, a stop at TJ's for a few things, and then to home driving under darkened skies and scattered rain drops.

I am 60 years old today. What a blessing (obviously my mood has improved) to have lived through what I have and still be able to love and be loved, to be surrounded by family, to have relative health and the chance and ability to take better care of myself to improve it, to have a warm cozy bed and a snuggly dog. Many would envy me my security and independence no matter how fragile I deem it, and I need to remember that.

My birthday dinner was last night, and this evening I threw together 'fast food'. Meaning pre-chopped veggies and baby potatoes and fresh peas that cook quickly. The dark bits are purple potatoes, I wish the colour were better in the picture here, but it's lovely and bright and fresh and very tasty with a pat of butter, magic mushroom mix and fresh ground pepper. Best of all there are another two large servings and only one pan and one dish to wash.

Time to change into something warm and stretchy. Hopefully there is enough time after softball practice to watch Once Upon a Time with the girls.

Is Goooooood. God, now I can't remember what movie that's from.

Breakfast: decaff  coffee, sausage muffin
Lunch:  Bean and pico de gallo burrito
Dinner: 8-veggie mix from TJ's stir fried in red palm oil served over baby potatoes with magic mushroom mix and English peas stirred in

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