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Friday, March 27, 2015

More thinking, and Dreams

I lay in bed thinking last night after signing off, discouraged by my lack of progress and having these 'failures' in my past still haunting me. I realized that I was only seeing a small part of the picture, that the people in my life were there for me too, not just the other way around, and that they have influenced the path of my life probably more than I affected theirs. I sometimes use to wonder what my path may have been had I not left LA, if I instead had been gifted with the foresight to pair with someone local who would ensure my continued Summer presence at the Lake. But it was only in brief flashes, because as I have noted before, I would not trade my children for any alternate life. I do have a fantasy streak in which I did make different choices and am living vicariously through those parallel universes where I am happy, an artist, a music teacher, a writer. Dreams. Kudos to those who have the passion to pursue them in this life.

This worker bee is letting all this go for now and getting back to writing procedures. See, I am a writer after all.

ARGHHHHHHHHHHH. God people can make me crazy. Just really bat shit crazy. Just sayin'.

Back to work.

Totally forgot to finish up this post. Nice evening with the Fam watching Jack and the Cuckoo Clock heart, then early to bed and another movie, this time Hansel and Gretel, Witch Hunters. Cool.

breakfast: decaf, sausage biscuit
lunch: last of the pea soup with a spoonful of organic sour cream and hot sauce
Dinner: Curly Fries, couple of chips out of A's nachos, small handful of salami

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