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Thursday, January 1, 2015

"worst day ever"

This has become a common refrain around our house, hand in hand with "best day ever" as proclaimed with sincerity from the wise lips of a six year old. The comments may stem from a lost game of Go Fish or snuggling in to watch a movie together. Dramatic, everything has become dramatic. But it's in small doses and we laugh. But truly, today ended up being a typical New Year's Day of eating up all the left over snacks in preparation of beginning a new healthier year and I am proclaiming it the 'worst eating day ever'. Chips and chocolate, baguette and spinach dip, tamales. There goes the vegetarian year I planned, and I didn't even want the meat, but the tamales were there and easy to reheat and I ate them. Mindless, without consideration given to either myself or to some poor beast. Pathetic. And I am paying the piper; swollen, irritable, tired, stiff, grumpy (a different shade of irritable) and basically disgusted. I would like to do over this day and start with juicing instead of...god I don't even know what I ate first today. Mindless indeed.

The good news is that I can make tomorrow in the 'best' category, and need to quit whining about today. Let the water flow and the stretching begin. I have three days off work to take the time to clean out the fridge, do some juicing, and catch up on some motivational you tube clips. Hopefully I will even get out on the bike tomorrow. Just a short intro ride down to the pond and back. A start, a statement of good faith.

In the meantime I am still in my PJ bottoms, having never finished getting dressed this morning. Ah, the art of being lazy is not for beginners, and I have much experience under my belt. Rolls of it. Literally. I know when stretchy pajama bottoms are in order.

Night sweet world. I look forward to impressing you with a much improved attitude tomorrow.

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