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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Potato Salad - makes two servings
1 russet potato cooked and cubed
1/8 to 1/4C diced red onion to taste
1/2C ea diced cabbage and cauliflower
1/8C raw sprouted pepitas
Mayo to lightly dress tossed veggies, leaving a rather dry finish

Even though it's a foggy cold weekend morning I was not feeling inspired to cook, so I threw together a potato salad full of crunch. Filling and satisfying. I am down to 230, so 3 1/2 pounds total in the past 16 days. Not great, but in the right direction so I'll take it.

Back to watching a morning DVD with the girls and Alice discovering her muchness! Love that movie, and so happy a sequel is in the works, Alice through the Looking Glass.

Errands have been run, the second load of wash is churning away, and Grimm is keeping me company while I putter in my room. So glad to be at home, to be warm, to have A chattering in the background.

Caught a nice pic of Kaylee this afternoon. She loves sitting on top of her crate where she can see out our bedroom window while keeping an eye on me.

Puzzle time with A. More laundry. Some Solitaire. A couple of games of crazy eights and finally a sit down dinner with all four of us together per A's request. I was trying out a Qrunch burger that I had toasted up and it was a light and crunchy addition to my salad and cauliflower. Upon review of the label I once again come across the way labels tend to mislead us. If you do the math, 100/190 = 52.6% of the calories are from fat.  When I plug the numbers into my spreadsheet I get 8% protein (good), 51% fat (at least it's organic coconut oil) and 41% carbohydrates (from veggies and whole grain). So not a total disaster and the flavour was nice. The best part was being able to throw it in the toaster to heat it up and the lovely crispy texture on the outside of the 'burger'. Oh, and 150g of sodium is not bad for a processed food.

A nice day off, and I'm looking forward to another one tomorrow.

Breakfast: Decaf tea and potato salad
Lunch: grilled cheese (sargento thin slice, 1) on nine grain bread with half an avocado
Snack: last of the morning's potato salad with added Kalamata olives
Dinner:  Qrunch burger, tossed salad, cauliflower "rice"

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