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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Food Log on the Blog

Did I ever mention why I have added my food log to the bottom of my blog? At Kaiser when getting cortisone injections for my trigger fingers the kind and helpful nurse (she is wonderful) mentioned that Kaiser is now promoting a plant based diet. She also mentioned that keeping a log to be accountable is a tried and proven tool for weight loss. I am guessing she noticed I am fat, it would not take Sherlock Holmes after all to deduce I have rolls where there should be none. I tried going back to PeerTrainer which was helpful once before, but couldn't find someone with eating habits with whom to make a connection. Paleo (the new sexy high protein unhealthy diet) has temporarily taken over the world. So I gave up and decided to just post my food here and blog everyday so I would 'see' it from a separate perspective than the lies my brain tells me. I think it may be helping, at least I am slowly losing weight and thinking more about the choices I make.

This morning I wanted eggs and toast, so off to the market and home again with supplies. I also picked up carrots, asparagus and spinach to balance out the rest of the day's meals. I also picked up a small decaf coffee while out so that I would have the gumption to finish up the tasks I want to complete today. A small but terrible habit caffeine, but it could be worse! Not that I swallow that rationalization easily, and know I must end it eventually. Of course there is my mother, who has apparently been told to have caffeine each day - but she is 23 years my senior. I am not there yet.

The rest of the day disappeared, and there was not much noteworthy to post.

Breakfast: Decaff, 2 slices  of TJ's sprouted multi-grain bread toasted w\ butter and 2 eggs fried over easy
Lunch:  salad w\ beans
Snack:  toast with motz
Dinner:  last of black eyed pea mix

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