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Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday's Moon

Today began with a rather long pause at the stop sign just down from the house. The moon was...amazing. Bracketed by dark trees and the morning haze adding a touch of colour to the otherwise golden light it was breathtaking. And I had to just sit there and gaze longingly, as if it were an invitation to adventure instead of a companion for my commute to work. Once on the freeway, and only the foothills to lend a frame it was still a great diversion and I watched as it began to set, dwindling down to a small rectangle of light, the top cut off by clouds and the bottom sinking behind the dark slope of a hill. And then it was gone, and the day was begun.

A busy day for Accounting; the first Monday of a New Year and so much to organize and so many details to manage. One marzipan chocolate for a ten o'clock treat and no others.  I can feel my body responding in several ways to my days without so much sugar. I am sleeping better, I ache less everywhere, I am not limping so much, and my trigger fingers are more flexible than they have been for the past few weeks. Five days of reducing sugar and increasing fruits and greens and such a difference. This is great, needless to say and yet I have to spout off about it.

Alanna and I had a great evening, first preparing dinner together and then her reading to me and ending up with a game of Monopoly Jr. and finally her in the tub with shampoo in her hair. Lots of moving around and staying engaged and feeling useful. A nice end to a busy day.

I think writing everyday is helping my attitude. I can't remember a recent dip that last more than a day, nor have I been manic. It's nice feeling steady, I could get used to this.

Time for Gotham (I will not think of H other than this slight mention) and tea and a snuggle with Kaylee.

I don't want to talk about food. I'm sure the calories were okay, but I skipped my salad. I have one ready for tomorrow in the fridge. One the positive side, my soup had three of the top six nutritious foods in it! Beans, mushrooms and onions. On the negative side I ate fast food twice. Ugh.

Breakfast: Small Decaf and a sausage muffin
Lunch:  Homemade leftover bean soup from last night
Dinner: 2 tacos from JITB, small orange, graham cracker with munster cheese

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