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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Weigh in, week three

It's been three weeks and this morning I weighed in down 3.4 pounds. At this rate I will be fifty pounds lighter come next New Year's. I can live with that. But I am obviously not following Fuhrman's six week plan. My Bad. I will keep adding veggies and cutting out sugar and stretching in the evenings. A is all over the exercise and loves to participate. I'm still enjoying the benefits of cutting out a large percentage of sugar from my diet; my trigger fingers are still not hitching and I think I'm sleeping better.


The pizza at lunch was NOT a good impulse buy and I've been fairly miserable all evening - even turning down carrot cake from Panera! I just want my insides to settle down so I can relax and go to bed. I did make a healthy dinner and ate it before the grumbling began, and did the dishes just now so the kids will wake up to counter space to build A's lunch in the morning. I love good deeds, they rock.

Time for flannel sheets, snuggle time with Kaylee, to sleep, and perchance to dream.

Breakfast: Decaf and sausage biscuit
Lunch:  big, gooey, slice of pepperoni from Costco
Snack:  orange
Dinner:  large superfood kale salad, potato with sauteed mushrooms

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