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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Downward spiral or self sabotage?

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions", see food log below.

I have been here before, full of plans and a fridge full of veggies one day and a stomach full of crap the next. Both R and I have been emotional this week, don't know why for sure, but we both have lots on our minds.

I will not despair, I will persevere and do well tomorrow, starting right now. I should probably start my six weeks over but I know myself well enough to guess that I could restart them a hundred times and never finish so I will just keep going as intended.

What a slippery slope mental illness is! At least that is how it feels sometimes, that something is not quite right upstairs. You know, just smart enough to know you are not as smart as you could\should be?

Time to decompress and stretch and maybe have a Crabbies.

Breakfast: I grabbed green juice with Chia Seeds on my way out the door but drove through for a Decaf and biscuit
Lunch:  packed a cruciferous salad, poppy seed dressing, chick peas but had a polish dog at Costco
Snack: mixed nuts, small apple
Dinner: intended to have the salad I didn't eat for lunch but had toast and eggs over easy instead

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