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Friday, January 9, 2015

One good decision at a time

The day breezed by interspersed with a few unsightly glimpses of myself in the darkened windows I pass each day in the breezeway at work. I had on some particularly frumpy leggings; sort of an imitation brushed corduroy that are a bit saggy but comfortable for sitting in long stretches of time. But they are also extremely unflattering to say the least. It's amazing how long I have tolerated feeling this way, large, bloated and bouncy. I wonder what has been going on upstairs that I have been able to put a wall between this feeling and doing something about it. I'm not on Lithium, I swear.

Part of the answer is to stay calm and work on making good choices. For example, still struggling with my current sleep patterns (or lack thereof) I failed again to get lunch made before heading to work this morning. So when I started getting hungry I headed down to Sprouts with many ideas stacking up in my brain.

     It's Friday, maybe this should be a 'free' day and I'll get a Deli sandwich.
     Yesterday was a good weigh-in, I could treat myself to something yummy.
     I'm a little tired, and a salad kit sounds tedious anyway.

I do make myself crazy sometimes. I ended up with an Amy's entree and a can of black olives. And coconut water that was on sale. All in all I feel pretty good about lunch considering what might have happened. Go me. I know, enough with the cheerleading already - but if not me, then who? This is not pity, this is reality.

Christmas will disappear from the house this coming weekend, and hopefully that will help keep me on my feet and productive. My hip has been bothering me since the walk at work yesterday; that's what I get for trying to keep up with the girls. God I am meandering. Time to settle down, play a game of solitaire to unwind and enjoy a cup of ginger tea.
Breakfast: Decaf and biscuit
Lunch: Amy's enchiladas, black olives
Snack: Mixed nuts, one tangerine, one orange
Dinner: Banana, popcorn, cherries...I may not be done, but it's after 7 so I will try

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