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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Weekend Hash

This morning the smell of my daughter's weekend hash inspired me to make one of my own. If you haven't ever sauteed bok choy greens with potatoes instead of green peppers in the classic Potatoes O'Brian dish then you are missing out and definitely need to try it sometime. Delish!

After breakfast the morning was filled with load after load of laundry including all the christmas throws that were to be packed away for another year, both mine and Kaylee's bedding, and my clothes for the week. A rotation of dishes from machine to cupboard and counter to machine had me heading for the ibuprofen and a rest. But first I had to pack away my share of the holiday decorations and help restore order to the living quarters.

We, mostly A and I with R sitting in for a bit, watched The Little Princess while snacking on popcorn and nuts and sitting down for the aforementioned much needed rest before I finished up packing away my share of the holiday and putting them to bed for the year. I am so grateful that R had the heavy lifting this year in getting the house both decorated and put away; my small part was enough to exhaust me.

Now I need to bathe Kaylee so she is clean going into her clean bed tonight, then I will do the same for myself. Nothing like freshly shaven legs sliding in between clean sheets. Speaking of sheets, I finally broke down and ordered a couple of flannel bottom sheets; it's too cold to switch to cotton yet and I'm no longer in the mood for my wee scottie christmas sheets. Heather grey and cocoa fitted bottoms are on their way!

All in all a productive day of natural movement! I remembered to NOT use my traps to do everything and kept my chin and ribs in what I hope was an approximation of good alignment. It's only five in the afternoon, and while I would to be able to indulge in a drink and a good book neither of those are going to happen. So maybe a little audio book and solitaire before the baths and dinner. Ugh. Dinner, I wonder what is in the freezer!

Breakfast: hash of potatoes, red onion, bok choy greens, pasilla pepper, magic mushroom mix
Lunch:  I ate a large breakfast
Snack: popcorn, mixed nuts, small apple
Dinner: Tater Tots, organic, with a tiny bit of mustard and organic catsup

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