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Friday, January 2, 2015

A good start

The dishes are done, my bed made, and A is full of the freshly cinnamoned apples I sliced, spiced and heated up for her breakfast. I am clean and almost dressed to go out. But while the weather underground predicts a high of 54 today, currently it is only 39 and I am not encouraged by this to leave the house. I did pop out briefly to visit the green waste and recycling carts but it was so bright I had to cover my eyes and slink back inside quickly. Too many days inside makes the outdoors a bit startling.

Breakfast: coconut water, water and then a banana.

My thermos is full of hot lemon water and that will be my next drink, but first a break to write and read and self motivate. Today I will log my food and take time to be sure it is what I want and not what is handy. Which brings to mind a favorite quote.

“Dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.      -Albus Dumbledore”   ― J.K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I am tired of choosing what is easy, as I have been many times before, I can only hope that this time once I lose the weight I will catch myself before I relapse. Last time making healthy choices lasted three years and I lost fifty pounds. I felt strong and confident and full of energy. I look forward to feeling all of those things again. The basis of this type of eating is that every decision counts, even if just a little, and this is something of which I have to constantly remind myself. So I will. Here. Often. Until my old healthy habits are firmly established anew.

Lunch: homemade gluten free biscuit & bowl of left over homemade veggie soup of potatoes, carrots & bok choy.

Dinner: green salad, oil & vinegar dressing, bit of grated parm, sliced young peppers (red, yellow, orange), green onions, handful of sliced almonds and thinly sliced brussels sprouts.

And One two  three slices of pepperoni pizza. Not on the agenda but A was an angel all day and wanted to use the ipad to order pizza. Not thinking ahead I said no, it's too expensive. Besides you need to clear that with your Mother. The next thing I know she is asking me how to spell 'could' and 'pizza' as she prepares a text to said Mother. At some level I must have wanted this to happen, and I am not upset about it. I have never been an all or nothing type of person. I'm a take it as it comes type of girl. Maybe this is a problem, and maybe not. As I have mentioned several times over the years since reading Eat Pray Love there is no control group for a human life. Except in movies. And my calorie count is comparatively low today. Wouldn't want to shock the system too much.

One of my guidelines is no eating after 7, and I am looking forward to feeling light when I go to bed knowing my immune system will be able to do a better job. And my lack of sugar today was stellar. Lots of improvements over yesterday, "and I'm feeling good".

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