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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Lots done, a good day

Another weekend is knocking on my door, asking what shall we do and where shall we go? The mind is willing but the body is lacking in enthusiasm. I imagine  myself standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean, feeling the wind and hoping for a pod of pelicans to wing past. This is a memory I revisit from time to time, relishing the sensations and browsing through the pictures. It was a good day. Good enough to go back by myself this time? I think about the gas I am about to use driving down to visit Mom and think maybe the coastal trip should wait for a warmer day this Spring.

I'm going to take my video camera with me to Mom's, my goal is to figure it out once and for all so I can start using it. A is old enough now that maybe we can do some fun shorts together, like my grandfather did with his grandchildren. I would love that, and I think she would too.

My brain is everywhere this morning; listening to Kaylee chew on her rawhide, refilling my 'scripts, getting ready for my trip, going to the library, what to make for breakfast, listening to Glee while I type. Which makes me think I have strayed toward the Manic side of the scale. But it's not rampant and I am calm; just ready to accomplish SOMEthing this weekend. Even if it's just laundry and hunting in the garage for the Jenga game that A would like for us to find, Dog help us.

To  wash my hair, to dress, to eat, to check library hours - much to do this morning.

Done, done and done. I have a library bag full of new audio books to load up on my shuffle. I dropped off the good will items that have been riding around in my car since November. My car is clean inside and out (thank you Splashes), and surprisingly I am not yet exhausted.

Best of all I finally took the time to get my free audio book (thank you Audible) downloaded to my phone! Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman is an excellent listen. I have already been exposed to her ideas and made many small adjustments in my life, but hearing it all laid out in a naturally progressive manner is very fun and informative and entertaining. Katy reads the audio book herself which is nice since I'm use to her voice from the pod casts she has done and I know the material is being presented as intended by the author. As well as feeling like I am listening to a friend even though we have never met. Go Katy! And thank you to my sister Dee for introducing Katy's ideas to me.

I'm a little out of order, having smooth legs and clean sheets on Saturday instead of Sunday, but it will make for an easier day tomorrow having almost all of my chores done today. The girls ended up going to the coast today, and A let me know she said Hi for me to the beach and ocean. She is such a sweetie, and I love remembering how much fun we had in the sand this past Fall.

To bed and to rest. Katy also mentioned how important it is for times of relaxation in between all the moving we should be doing - and tonight I am tired and looking forward being horizontal.

Breakfast: medium banana, two cuties (tangerines?)
Lunch:  superfood kale salad, large handful of  raw sprouted pepitas, one slice of TJ's sprouted multi-grain bread toasted w\ butter
Snack:  popcorn
Dinner:  last of the kale salad, top ramen

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